Ice Control

Bulk ASTM-Grade Highway Salt

Rock salt is a standard, economical chemical for deicing roadways and sidewalks. Our bulk highway salts meet the industry-standard ASTM specification. Our bulk highway salt is mined right here in Kansas. To keep the cost low, we deliver most product direct from the mine, but Dale Brothers maintains an inventory so that we can deliver on short notice.

Salt Sand Mix

We keep 1 to 1 mix in stock and we are happy to make a special blend to meet your requirements.

Treated Salt

SnowSlicer™ is a pre-wet ice melting product that contains a blend of naturally occurring crystal and liquid ice melt products plus a unique, purple coloring that makes it highly visible. The combination of a high-performance liquid deicer and a blend of fine and coarse crystal ice melters results in a unique product that melts faster, lasts longer and performs better.


SnowSlicer’s melting capacity rivals that of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, at a much lower cost. All deicers must liquefy in order to chemically perform. Through the pre-wetting technology, SnowSlicer performs to expectations almost immediately. When applied to a snow-covered surface, SnowSlicer quickly begins to dissolve and penetrate packed snow and ice. The bond between the ice and pavement is then broken, which allows loosened ice and snow to be easily removed. Effective to -20 degrees.

Features Benefits

  • 30% to 50% material reduction over rock salt Cost Savings: Materials applied.
  • Equipment & manpower utilization.
Transportation costs

Less risk of environmental impact due to less product being used.Works at low temperatures Effectively melts ice and snow at temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. Starts melting on contact Does not need traffic, sunlight or higher pavement temperatures to start melting snow and ice. Unlike most dry blends that have less than 10% calcium or magnesium chloride, every salt crystal is coated and accelerates the melting process.Resists freezing or clumping in stockpile and in spreaders Saves time and materials.

Product remains free flowing.Non-staining, odorless purple color More visible on snow covered roads. Crews can track where product is placed minimizing overlap and reassures drivers and owners that treatment has occurred.

No foul odor or color tracked into building.Pre-wetted material Better utilization of material by reduced bounce and scatter.Residual Effect Extended melting action.


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